Hi! A few people on the site are taking mental health days, and are using them to catch up on stuff, myself included, so there won’t be as many posts. We’re trying our best, so please try to understand. And we love you guys so much!

Here’s some heads I was working on, Gif and non gif. Guy heads with buns because toxic masculinity sucks 🙂

Credits to Crazy cookie gfx and Jimin gfx. Don’t remove water marks, I work hard on the heads I edit/make ❤


Hi everyone,

sorry for not posting 3/15 yesterday i got caught up with some stuff and lost motivation a bit so to catch up on everything i will be going on hiatus until Thanksgiving.

I’m quitting graal until then as well. Thanks for all of the love and support ❤


Fixed it

Here’s a fixed version of the white head, it was missing a spot so, yeah. And then a recolored version in pink because faith said it reminded her of @indiegirl425 on tik tok lol.

Please don’t remove my water mark.  

Credits to CandyNassyGfx for the hair template. Gif and non gif

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